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Friday, 06 October 2006 19:29

O. Marcelo Suárez (PI), Nelson Sepúlveda, Agnes Padovani, David Suleiman, Guillermo Serrano and Paul Kohl

This IRG will focus on the engineering principles and fundamental science involved in the development of nanomaterials for energy-efficient devices and applications, including research on the functionalization and application-oriented characterization of various types of materials whose macroscale properties and applications depend on an intrinsic nanoscale structure. The program combines the following research areas: metal-based nanocomposites, polymer-based nanocomposites, and materials characterization and processing for device development.

The nanostructured materials to be studied include: Al-based composites reinforced with metal diborides and cation-substituted tri-block copolymer ionomers commonly used as proton-exchange membranes. These materials will be studied at the nanoscale regime and will be used to develop devices and systems that can serve as transducers and RF front-end components. The latter represents the applied research aspect of the proposed work.

The applications to be considered, which encompass Roco’s 2nd and 4th generations, include: RF MEM resonators and switches and gas sensors. These applications, in turn, need devices that are made out of materials with specific characteristics and/or properties. The idea is to use the findings of the fundamental research part of the proposed work to tailor the properties of the materials to fit the specific device requirements. Preliminary results in RF MEMS-based reconfigurable antennas have been obtained and form the base for the proposed applied research. Due to the complexity of the objectives, this interdisciplinary team encompasses personnel with substantial research experience (Kohl, Suleiman, Suárez) as well as rising successful researchers (Sepúlveda, Padovani, Serrano). The achievements of the assembled team are substantiated with large and significant grants (PREM, 2 MRIs, REU) and center administration experience. Because of his overall experience, Prof. Sepulveda will be the technical director of this IRG, as Prof. Suárez is required for the Center's administration.

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