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Wednesday, 07 July 2004 09:54

Carlos Rinaldi (Co-PI), Madeline Torres and Eduardo Juan

This Interdisciplinary Research Group (IRG) proposes to develop heterogeneous multifunctional nanoparticles with a magnetic core and a thermoresponsive block copolymer coating, suitable for the magnetically actuated delivery of siRNA to cells. Monodisperse magnetic nanoparticles will be prepared by thermal decomposition of organometallic precursors and coated with A-B block copolymers.

The A block will consist of a biodegradable/biocompatible thermo-responsive block attached to the nanoparticle and synthesized through surface-initiated ring opening polymerization of, e.g., caprolactone or L-lactic acid and glycolic acid. The B block will consist of poly(ethylene glycol) and will form the particle’s outer layer, providing colloidal stability in water at physiological pH and ionic strength. Changes in polymer coating thickness under an applied oscillating magnetic field will be studied using a custom ac magnetic susceptometer to be designed and constructed as part of the proposed work. The particle’s siRNA equilibrium loading capacity and release dynamics due to an external oscillating magnetic fieldf will be evaluated in solution. Particle cytotoxicity and transport will be assessed using HeLa human cervic carcinoma cells through a combination of biological assays and Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy. The siRNA transfection efficiency of the particles will be determined by silencing green fluorescent protein (GFP) expression in GFP transfected HeLa cells. The proposed research spans the two of the four generations of nanotechnology products envisioned by Roco: (i) active nanostructures (magnetically actuated delivery); and (ii) heterogeneous molecular nanosystems.

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